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Text-based surveys for patients. Automated feedback management for your team.
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“Calibrater Health’s feedback management platform has allowed our organization to turn a once-sluggish patient experience effort into a rapid response and recovery solution that drives faster performance improvement while uniquely supporting risk and reputation management efforts.”

– Dr. Lee Resnick, Chief Medical Officer, WellStreet Urgent Care

“The insights provided by Calibrater have been truly invaluable.”

– Randy Johansen, President, American Family Care

“We work every day to serve more patients by building a team culture focused on customer service excellence. Calibrater helps our staff focus in on opportunities for improvement, while providing me with the data to know how our providers and clinics stack up against each other.”

– Dr. Marcus Hampers, Founder & CEO, ClearChoiceMD

“Calibrater’s NPS® and comments have become some of our most important KPIs. Our teams rally around the data, and we bonus our physicians based on their patient satisfaction scores.”

– Dr. Si France, Founder, GoHealth Urgent Care

How We Help You

Steady Stream of Feedback

Our simple, light-touch surveys encourage engagement and participation among all stakeholders, while providing a steady flow of data to make improvements painless and manageable

Issue Tracking and Risk Management

Streamline the risk management process through our automated ticketing system to individually tracks each patient issue, including timestamped user-based notes, giving you up-to-date documentation on these important interactions

Own Your Reputation

Increase positive social media reviews, while curbing negative social media reviews by quickly responding to patient concerns

Engage Your Teams

Using transparency, accountability and our proprietary data routing and distribution algorithms we engage your entire team to deliver truly patient-centered care

Improve Service Recovery and Reduce Provider Burnout

Real-time feedback allows you to quickly identify and address issues, while signaling the importance of feedback from your patients and employees

Our Solution

Better patient experience and employee engagement is your strategy for growth and profitability. We help you realize this opportunity by using technology to drive organizational performance improvement in real-time.

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