• Drive patient loyalty and repeat visits
  • Real-time service recovery
  • Ensure staff follow-up
  • Keep your patients coming back!

We send text message surveys to patients after each visit asking for ratings and comments

Patient comments are tracked as Complaints, Requests, Suggestion and Compliments in our proprietary Ticketing system and automatically assigned to members of your team for follow-up

Users can leave detailed, timestamped notes on issue resolution, and receive real-time email alerts any time they’re assigned new issues

Management teams get regular completion reports by individual user to ensure items are being addressed

Communicate Better

Response Rates of 30-50%

Improve Service Recovery

20-30 opportunities of service recovery each month

Issue Tracking and Risk Management

Whether they are automatically detected from our patient survey you find a bad reviews on social media, we give you one system to seamlessly track and manage all patient issues

Increase Patient Satisfaction

5-10% increase in patient satisfaction (NPS®) scores in the first six months

Delighted Customers

Research has shown over and over again, across all industries, that delighted customers lead to more profitable organic growth across industries