Major shake-ups are happening in healthcare. Some providers are struggling to recover their pre-pandemic revenue, while others are launching a full digital transformation. And while the effects of COVID-19 are varied, there is one certainty. Healthcare businesses must adapt.

From patient texting to reputation management, here are five ways Calibrater Health’s survey suite can help healthcare businesses thrive in the new normal.

1. Get Richer Data for Marketing & Operations

Patient feedback data is fuel for strategic decisions. With features like open-ended questions and survey customization, Calibrater Health lets you get richer patient feedback data.

Once the data comes in, our dashboard and reporting features help you visualize the data and get immediate value from it. That means you can use real patient feedback in meetings, pointing to home-grown stats and telling real-world stories to get people on board with a new policy or campaign.

2. Optimize Patient Experience Across Your Service Area

For health systems or other multi-unit provider organizations, the patient experience will naturally vary from one site to another. Surveys give you good insight on what needs to be fixed. But not every tool is purpose-built for growing healthcare organizations.

Calibrater is! That’s why your dashboard is so effective at helping you ensure the same high quality of care and customer service over a large service area. Drill down to the clinic level to find solutions for a particular site, or even zero in on a specific physician. You can also zoom out to see the Net Promoter Score for certain visit types across the company’s service area.

Not only does this flexible data sorting help you manage remote teams, but it also helps you prove your progress to the team at headquarters. This makes Calibrater’s built-in toolset for visualizing data across a multi-unit company incredibly powerful.

3. Ditch the Manual Labor—Automate!

If your team has endured budget cuts during the pandemic, your workload may have doubled. So how can you invest the time to gather data? Efficiencies are key. Fortunately, all of Calibrater’s survey tools were designed with automation in mind.

For example, you can randomize survey distribution for an A/B test. These experiments used to be a complicated endeavor. But with Calibrater, you can easily try out different survey variations to see which gets the highest response rate.

Or try split CTAs. Send some patients a link to a standard NPS survey, and send others a link to review your practice on social media. Do a 50/50, 70/30 or 90/10 split – it’s up to you.

But our “automagical” features cover more than data collection. With smart ticketing, you can also automate data analysis. Calibrater’s AI-powered issue tracking feature mines patient feedback data for actionable items. These items are then used to generate a ticket, which is automatically assigned to the right team member.

Smart ticketing allows your staff to make small daily improvements to patient experience, without manual analysis or painful staff meetings.

These and other Calibrater automations help you do more with less time.

4. Boost Your Online Reputation with Better Reviews

Reviews are a tremendous addition to your marketing and branding strategy. They boost your SEO, help people find you on social media, and build social proof. In other words, reviews bring patients through your door.

Offering an excellent patient experience is the #1 way to get those good reviews. Calibrater’s text message surveys help you improve patient experience, and our texting platform also mobilizes those happy patients to broadcast their happy chatter online.

After a positive survey response, simply send the patient a second text asking for a review on their favorite social media outlet. The fully customizable message will link to the specific location that the patient visited.

And when you have a good review, share it with the world! Use our Review Publisher widget to easily add these testimonials to your website. Our software has a track record of increasing social media reviews by 3-5x.

5. Drive Bookings with Text Message Marketing

SMS is an essential tool for today’s healthcare marketers. Not only is texting a great way to capture patient feedback, but you can also use it to drive other CTAs, such as posting a review or even booking an appointment.

Surprisingly, our data shows that mid-pandemic is a great time to implement SMS into your marketing strategy. Early in the launch of our mass text feature, a subset of Calibrater’s customers used the tool to launch SMS marketing and generated hundreds of thousands in revenue.

And did we mention they did it in the course of just one week? Full details here.

Calibrater’s suite of tools—from fast, easy surveys to texting and reputation management—are designed for the healthcare industry.

Straight out of the box, our software generates immediate business value. You’ll get actionable insights for marketing, operations, and patient experience.

Powerful Support

Collecting survey data is easy. Making sense of it is hard. Fortunately, we can help.