Calibrater Performance Insights

Boost business growth with industry-specific insights. It’s like having x-ray vision into business performance.

Feature Highlights

Unlock Growth Potential

Detailed root cause analysis helps you identify patient experience issues preventing business growth.

AI-powered Insights

We used machine learning to analyze millions of patient responses across our entire customer base to create an unparalleled set of benchmarks.

Industry Benchmarks

Different healthcare businesses have different problems, so we created benchmarks and metrics specific to each industry. Learn exactly how you stack up against other businesses just like yours.

Location by Location

Ever wondered which front desk staff is the least polite? Or which of your provider teams is most professional? Drill down into the details of each individual location.

No Additional Setup

We leverage the free-text responses from our existing NPS® surveys, so no additional questions or setup to see this powerful data.

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