Customer experience is important in any industry. In healthcare, it is becoming more important than ever.

Merchant Medicine analyzed customer experience in healthcare, and interviewed Calibrater’s CEO Tim Dybvig on how Calibrater Health is making a difference.

“We collect data using automated text message conversations, not just by texting patients a link,” says Tim Dybvig, CEO of Calibrater Health. “As a result we see 35 percent response rates and – surprisingly to some – participation from all ages.”

Dybvig says Calibrater’s data show that 70-year-olds are as likely as 30-year-olds to respond to texts.

“As a company we’re very focused on the urgent care market since they are leading the charge on the ‘patient experience revolution’” he says. ”And we’ve been extremely fortunate to work with some of the top brands in the country to help us constantly improve the product.”

Blake Bishop, of Multicare Health System, also promoted Calibrater Health in the article:

“NPS® has become an important metric for MultiCare that Calibrater Health measures at a very granular level, but it’s their tools for managing patient feedback that really help accelerate organizational change,” he says. “We love how it allows us to move fast and make changes as soon as we see issues, and improve together as a team.”

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