We are extremely excited to announce Calibrater Performance Insights, an updated version of the recently released Comment Trends feature. This feature provides real-time reports on patient sentiment across your entire organization. At Calibrater Health, we know that finding meaning in patient data is a much bigger challenge than simply collecting feedback. Calibrater Performance Insights (CPIs) are an enormous step forward in solving this challenge and making your patient data work for you!

Easy To Find

Calibrater Performance Insights is now featured in the main menu of Calibrater. Previously located inside the Analytics Suite, we decided this robust feature deserved it’s own spotlight!

Automated Topic Analysis (Positive and Negative)

Similar to comment categorization in our ticketing system, Calibrater Performance Insights analyzes your patient’s feedback first into positive or negative, then subsequently performs a multi-level topic analysis.

Intelligent Benchmarking

Most importantly, we’ve also included benchmark data in the report to quickly compare how you’re doing relative to peers in your industry. We’ve color-coded the reports to make it easier to see how you’re doing relative to the benchmark: values above the industry benchmark for positive feedback will appear green (doing great!); whereas values above the benchmark for negative feedback will be in red (needs improvement).

CPI Reports in Action: Overall Performance

Calibrater Performance Insights break down your data into multi-level reports, allowing you to drill down to the root of what’s going on. Our Performance Report gives you a birds-eye view of how you’re performing in categories like Team Attitude, Wait Time, Operational and Clinical Issues.


Topics by Region

Clicking into any of the categories above takes you to a report on the sub-topics of each. For example, clicking into the Team Attitude category breaks down into two sub-topics: Reception Attitude and Provider Attitude – in this case it looks like the issue is with the front desk staff, not the providers. Other topics include Prescriptions, Cost & Insurance Issues, Testing & Lab Results, Follow-up Communication and more!

Topics by Site

Want to investigate a specific pain point on a site level? Clicking into any of the sub-topics will give a further breakdown of those values by individual site. Not only is the industry benchmark included in this report, but we’ve also added a regional benchmark so you can see how your locations are performing relative to your entire organization.

Topics by Site Over Time

Want to investigate exactly when a pain point became an issue at a site?  Choose the sites you’d like to view and the time frame you’d like to look into. This powerful chart can help you analyze where an issue began so you can make changes where necessary. The regional and industry benchmarks are also added to this report so you can compare your sites to this metric.