To our customers,

Thank you for what you’re doing. 

That’s it, mostly. You’re on the front lines of this crisis. You’re treating those stricken with coronavirus, as well as all other illnesses and injuries that pop up in your centers, practices, and clinics. You’re saving lives and making our communities as safe as possible right now. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

With everything unfolding with COVID-19 we decided to come together as a team and figure out product features that could help calm the storms that most of us are currently enduring. We reached out to customers to ask if a mass texting tool would help, and we heard an enthusiastic yes. So we’ve spent the past week coding and testing, and it’s ready! 

Throughout this crisis, all Calibrater Enterprise users now have the ability to send mass texts to patients. If it proves to be beneficial, we’ll keep this feature around in the long term.

We recommend you use it sparingly. Here are some excellent use cases.

Send emergency alerts to your patient community.

This new feature allows you to inform all patients of your community’s first confirmed coronavirus case, the availability of a drive-thru testing center, or a change to service hours.

If patients respond, they receive an automatic message.

If you have 100,000 patients and 1% responds, that’s 1,000 messages! Instead of generating tickets in our system for all of these responses, we’ve created a way for you to set up an auto response that can provide best next steps for your patients. 

Coming soon! Keep providers in the loop on the most important updates. 

Need to send your providers high-level clinical messages to your providers that simply can’t afford to get lost in an inbox? We’re creating a way to put a message on provider scorecards so that every provider can quickly get status updates from the team. 

Send a.m. reminders of a new workflow.

Perhaps you’ve altered your waiting room or clinical practices to improve sanitation or keep high-risk patients isolated. First thing in the morning, send a reminder on the provider scorecard to unify everyone around a key detail of the new process.

How else can we help?

At Calibrater, we stand for happier patients and better teams. In the times when you’re working hardest, with the greatest uncertainty and risk, we want to do everything possible to help your staff and practice thrive.

We’ll get through this. Mostly because of you.

Please let us know how else we can help.

Improving Provider Engagement

We conducted a series of interviews with our customers in various operational and clinical roles to gain a deeper understanding of how successful organizations approach provider engagement in order to learn what works and what doesn’t.