Patient Experience Case Study


Prove Your Progress

At Calibrater Health, we believe a survey tool shouldn’t just collect great data—it should use that data to drive measurable improvement in patient experience.

In this case study, we looked at the impact of Calibrater for customers within the first six months of implementation. We found that Calibrater Health measurably improves patient experience. This is especially true for under-performing locations and providers, but we also saw an average increase of over 10% for even those clinics starting with a relatively high Net Promoter Score.

This case study explains how Calibrater works—and demonstrates the difference our system makes. Just take a look at the numbers.

More Resources for Happier Patients & Better Teams

Service Recovery

Service Recovery

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Provider Engagement

Provider Engagement

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Smart Surveys

Smart Surveys

With smart surveys, you can split your patient population to choose which patients get which surveys. Your surveys can be tailored to visit type, location, age, or even split your population at random.

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