Provider Alerts


Your Key to Physician Engagement

Turning on Calibrater Health’s provider alerts will allow your team to receive automated updates about patient feedback. Don’t be scared! In our experience, most of the feedback you’ll receive is positive.

The provider alert will include the Provider’s recent Net Promoter Score and the overall NPS of the organization or region. Also included is a link to recent comments submitted by the provider’s patients, as well as a blinded ranking of provider scores across the organization.

This white paper explains how to use automation to transform your patient experience work from a dreaded conversation into a steady drip of insights.

More Resources for Happier Patients & Better Teams

Service Recovery

Service Recovery

We interviewed clinic managers, providers, and patient experience managers from our customer base to help identify the most crucial components of service recovery in the healthcare industry.

Provider Engagement

Provider Engagement

We conducted a series of interviews with our customers in various operational and clinical roles to gain a deeper understanding of how successful organizations approach provider engagement in order to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Smart Surveys

Smart Surveys

With smart surveys, you can split your patient population to choose which patients get which surveys. Your surveys can be tailored to visit type, location, age, or even split your population at random.

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