Calibrater Health designed our new patient and staff texting tools to reduce the confusion and stress during the pandemic. After a few months of use, these mass text updates (called Notices in our platform) have also proven to be major revenue drivers for providers. We couldn’t be happier! 

Our original goal was to help healthcare businesses however we could. And driving patients through your “virtual doors,” especially during a time of great business uncertainty and resource constraint, is an ideal outcome for the new Notices tool. 

It all started in March, when Calibrater saw a need for healthcare businesses to cut through the noise of information being thrown at stakeholders. We got to work on creating a few new features to help you better communicate with your patients and teams. 

Is there a message you’d like sent to all of your patients? We now have the ability to send one-off messages to everyone your clinic serves. Our customers are using this tool in a variety of ways, from fueling revenue to boosting patient safety.

  1. Send Emergency Alerts to Your Patient Community Alert your community of testing procedures or changes in your clinic’s hours and status. And don’t worry, you won’t get overwhelmed with patient responses—we’ll set up an auto-response so they know how to get in touch if they have a pressing matter.For example, one of Calibrater’s customers utilized Notices to text their patients to stay in their car when they come to visit if they think they have symptoms. That way the provider could administer a COVID-19 test from the safety of the patient’s car, thereby protecting other patients and staff from getting infected.
  2. Drive telehealth bookings with custom clickable urlsAnother approach companies are using to prevent transmission is telemedicine. This reduces patient volume in the clinics, an important goal for outpatient care providers during the pandemic. Several of our customers used Notices to text out a link for scheduling a virtual visit.One week, a few of Calibrater’s customers reached out to their patients using our mass text feature with a custom link to sign up for a telemedicine visit. Approximately ~8,100 responses resulted from these SMS campaigns which is roughly ~$400,000 in revenue generated in just one week!

We are currently extending our 30-day free trial to 90 days for all new customers. This will include both Notices and our Basic Surveys. 

We know your time is limited and that onboarding can be tough. So, for customers of integrated partners, we can have you up and running in 7 days. To learn more, contact us today

If there’s anything else we can do to help you through this difficult time, please reach out and let us know at

Smart Surveys

With smart surveys, you can split your patient population to choose which patients get which surveys. Your surveys can be tailored to visit type, location, patient age, or even split your population at random if you want one survey to go to some patients, and another survey to the others.